About Woodloch Builders

As we looked back over the past fifteen years since the inception of Woodloch Builders, we gained a fresh appreciation of the significant role we have been granted, and of the honor and privilege that has been afforded us, to share in the lives of the many families and friends who have given us the opportunity to build their homes.

With promises kept, commitments honored, and dreams fulfilled, our business philosophy has always been: “‘We do more than build homes, we build relationships.”

As we continually strive to remain current with the latest changes and advancements in building materials and technology, we hold true to certain old fashioned values. We make every effort to incorporate ideals that matter like family, honesty, integrity, and treating others as we would like to be treated, to be integral parts of who we are.

It is our hope that the homes we build will help to bring families and friends closer together, and will help foster fond memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We find that there is a simple beauty in the realization that our work will have meaning to many, long after our job is complete. Our skilled group of people is made up of craftsmen, landscapers and trades people, who enthusiastically share our goal of delivering the finest home possible. We recognize building a home that is uniquely your own can be one of your most enjoyable and exciting projects. Your recollection of the process should be one of happy memories and pride of accomplishment. You’re cordially invited to spend some time with us, visit our models, meet our staff and learn why so many people have chosen Woodloch Builders as a part of their building process.

So, if you’re considering building or remodeling, we would welcome an opportunity to help you realize your dreams come true.

Woodloch Builders
1623 Rt. 590
Hawley, PA 18428

tel: 570.685.8101
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The Woodloch Family